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SFX20 Diesel Loco sound capsule

  • Price : £45.00 £40.50
  • Model Number : SFX20
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SFX is a self contained sound capsule for model trains and requires no connections because it is battery powered and uses a motion sensor to detect whether it is stationary or moving and a microprocessor to play appropriate real train sounds! An on-off switch is not required because it turns itself on automatically as soon as it moves, then switches off after it has been still for a while to preserve the battery.

• Stationary – Engine Tickover sound and occasional compressor cutting in and out

• Any movement triggers the sound of air release and if motion continues a single horn sounds followed by gradual speed up

• After speed up engine power is maintained until you hear the turbo whine down and gentle coasting before power applied again

• The two tone horn sounds after the loco travels continuously for a while

• When motion stops it returns to stationary sounds.

• If there is no motion for over a minute the SFX automatically goes to sleep and waits for slight movement to wake it up.

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